A Review on Therapeutic and Cosmetic Uses of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera, also known as the plant of immortality, is not a stranger to the skincare world. Although we discovered this ingredient and its countless benefits a few decades ago, it has been in the books of beauty for centuries. Aloe Vera is a natural cactus-like plant belonging to the Liliaceae family. The herb provides excellent benefits for skin beauty and skin health through its unique properties.

Here is an exclusive look at the benefits of Aloe Vera for skin beauty and skin health.

  1. Aloe Vera For Acne
    According to research, aloe Vera has two hormones; Gibberellins and Auxin. These hormones have anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties that reduce skin inflammation. Gibberellin hormone contained in aloe vera also acts as a growth hormone to stimulate the growth of new skin cells. This promotes the quick healing of the skin naturally and with minimal scarring. Aloe Vera is soothing and it’s useful in reducing skin itchiness, blistering, inflammation while boosting the rapid skin healing. It is hence an effective remedy against skin problems such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.
  2. Soothes Sunburns
    Aloe Vera has a high healing activity at the skin epithelial layer, which is composed of outer cells that cover the body. This remedy acts as an active protective layer on your skin and helps in replenishing its moisture. Its antioxidant properties and nutritional qualities help in quicker treating of skin sunburns. Aloe gel has a carboxypeptidase that gives it a soothing effect.
  3. It’s A Skin Moisturizer
    For people with oily skin complexion, aloe vera is the perfect option as it moisturizes the skin without giving it a greasy feel. For men, aloe vera gel is ideal aftershave treatment as its moisturizing and healing properties can help to treat the minor shaving cuts. For women who apply mineral-based makeup, aloe vera moisturizer is excellent for the face before applying makeup to prevent skin drying.
  4. Reduces Stretch Mark Visibility
    The skin is elastic and expands and contracts as required to accommodate growth. However, if the skin stretches too fast and too far, such as during pregnancy or fast weight gain and loss, it can result to stretch marks. These marks tend to reduce self-confidence, especially to women. But the good news is that aloe vera can help to mitigate these stretch marks by healing the overstretched wounds.
  5. Slows Down Aging
    According to aloe vera specialty expertise, aloe vera helps to stimulate the activity of fibroblast that promotes the production of elastin fibers and collagen, which makes the skin more elastic and less wrinkled. It also contains beta carotene, vitamin C, and E that promotes the natural skin firmness and keep it well hydrated.
  6. Enhances Healing of Wounds
    Research studies have now made it a fact that aloe vera is very beneficial for cuts, burns, and other injuries. This is by reducing the time needed for wound healing, especially in first- and second-degree burns. It does this by speeding up skin cell reproduction up to eight times. More so, aloe vera properties help it to penetrate the epidermis faster, minimizes scarring by fighting bacteria and boosting collagen for a faster and effective process of healing the wounds on your skin.
  7. Benefits for Hair:
    It helps to treat hair loss as it contains proteolytic enzymes that naturally stimulate hair growth. Forms a protective layer over your hair that keeps it safe from environmental elements and also keeps it consistently hydrated. It can also relieve scalp itchiness and irritation owing to the fact that it has potent anti-pruritic properties. Helps to reduce dandruff as it has strong anti-fungal properties. Very potent anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness and inflammation. Helps restore the pH balance of your hair as its own pH level is in the same range as your hair needs to be.

Aloe Vera benefits cannot be assumed, especially in the cosmetic industry. Incorporating it into your organic and cosmetic formulations will help make them better, unique, and more effective in enhancing skin beauty and skin health of your customers. This will consequently result in more and more customers as the word spread of your useful aloe vera products. Aloe Vera makes unique, light green cosmetic products that have high demand in the market, and more and more people understand the essential aloe skin benefits.

Aloe Vera from Aloe Jaumave, Mexico

Aloe vera is an excellent ingredient for cosmetics and Food Industry but to get the optimum medicinal and therapeutic values of Aloe Vera, you have to very carefully select where do you buy your Aloe Vera from.

One of the oldest and the largest organic certified Aloe vera cultivator in the world is Aloe Jaumave of Mexico. Aloe Jaumave was founded in 1989, and from the beginning, the company decides to settle in Jaumave, a small town located in a beautiful valley in the state of Tamaulipas, on the North East of Mexico. This small town is well known for its numerous plantations of Aloe Vera.

Although Aloe Vera is cultivated and processed in many parts of the globe, like the US, Central America, South America, India, Australia, China, yet the best climatic conditions for Aloe Vera Cultivation are in the area of North Mexico and around. This is the perfect area to cultivate Aloe Vera, being surrounded by mountains allows this area to be protected from extreme temperatures keeping perfect conditions all year long.

Thanks to the privileged location of Jaumave ́s Valley, a pollution-free environment with natural and Optimus conditions of the earth helped Aloe Jaumave to Organic Certify all of their Aloe Vera fields (500 Hectares). Now on days, 25 years later, the company expanded its activities to the growing, harvesting, processing and bottling Aloe Vera (Raw Materials and Finished Products) for the Food, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industry. After all this work, Aloe Jaumave has become the largest supplier of Organic Certified Aloe Vera in the world.

Aloe Jaumve is registered with IASC – International Aloe Science Council and also has the following certifications:-

Aloe Jaumave produces Aloe Barbadensis Miller, which is the most popular variety in the world. This variety is the best for both internal and topical use. This is an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibiotic plant, it also contains 20 amino acids ( of the 22) and 7 essential amino acids ( of the 8 your body needs). It contains 12 anthraquinones that are compounds that act as laxatives.

The Aloe Vera produced by Aloe Jaumave contains emodin and aloin that work as antivirals, antibacterial, and analgesics, helps you with choline, vitamin B12, C, E, and folic acid. It supplies magnesium chromium, calcium, copper-zinc, selenium manganese, potassium, and sodium.

Aloe Jaumave is represented in India & neighboring countries by its channel partner N V Organics Pvt. Ltd. based in New Delhi, India. They can be contacted at:-

N V Organics Pvt. Ltd.,
303, Tower # 3, Garg Trade Center, Sector 11, Rohini, Delhi – 110085, India
Contact No : +91- 9710020866

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