Problems with Sulfate-Free Surfactants and How to Fix Those

For over a decade, sulfate-free self-cleaning products have dominated the market and with good reason. Consumers are much more tuned into what companies are putting in the products that they buy, and sulfates are widely known to be extremely destructive to the environment through deforestation, as well as the getting washed down the drain and entering the local ecosystem where it can cause havoc. Additionally, sulfates can have a massive impact on personal health and can cause irritation to consumers’ eyes, skin, hair, and even lungs after long-term exposure. This means that consumer preference was driven hard in the direction of sulfate-free products.

As a result, many companies started investing in sulfate-free surfactants to create their shampoos and other products. Unfortunately, using these materials can come with a wide range of other issues which have made it extremely difficult for developers to create that perfect product that helps them dominate the market. However, there are certain tactics and steps you can take to improve the quality of your products and ensure your customers will love them without having to add any sulfates whatsoever. Here are just some of the ways we can help you create the self-cleaning product you’ve been dreaming of today.

Better Viscosity

One of the main features that consumers love to see in their shampoo is a nice viscosity. In fact, many people look at the viscosity of the product to initially determine the quality. However, creating a viscous shampoo or gel can often seem impossible without adding sulfates. Our ingredients will be able to aid in the thickening process and, thus, help you to create that ideal look and feel that standard shampoos have always had and given your customers the confidence they need in the quality of your products so that they return to you time and time again.

Easy Rinse Off

Another challenge that many developers face when trying to create these stunning sulfate-free products will be the difficulty that comes with washing it off. Many of the ingredients that were initially used to create these shampoos and cleansers ended up being nearly impossible for consumers to remove in the shower or bath and it left them feeling unclean and greasy all day long. However, our world-class ingredients have been put together with this difficulty in mind and we have created many mild rinse-off formulations that will leave your customers feeling squeaky clean in no time.

Perfect pH

Maintaining a proper pH balance is incredibly important to the overall health of a person’s skin and hair. However, a large number of ingredients that have been used to create sulfate-free products can have a terrible impact on this balance which can result in serious irritations. No consumer is going to rely on products that have impacted their health and comfort in this way. Luckily, our products will ensure that your consumers will be able to maintain the ideal pH levels, helping them to keep their hair and skin looking better than ever.

PEG Free Ingredients

There can be no doubt that consumers are much more in tune with the ingredients used in their products, and as a result, many are now searching for PEG free cleansers. PEGs are synthetic chemical compounds that can be found in a wide range of makeup, cleaners, and personal care products. However, many studies have been showing that these chemicals can, in fact, come with an extensive list of drawbacks including harm to the nervous system as well as human development, and can even cause cancer. Because of this, most consumers are happily purchasing products that avoid the use of these substances. All of our ingredients are completely PEG free so that your customers can feel safe every time they purchase your products.

Beautiful Foam

Another clear sign of a high-quality product in the eyes of consumers will be how well it foams. Customers love to see a long-lasting and dense foam that covers their entire body and ensures that they’re washing off all the dirt and grime that their long days cover them in. Unfortunately, many sulfate-free surfactants are simply terrible foaming agents. However, our ingredients were developed with this characteristic in mind. We can guarantee that our ingredients will help you create a product that foams perfectly, leaving you amazed with its good stability and bounce.

Low Cost

Another serious issue that many companies have faced when trying to develop a great sulfate-free product has been cost. Sulfate-free cleansers can be extremely expensive to make especially when compared to what could be spent when using the previous ingredients. Sulfate-free surfactants have, standardly, exceeded expectations in terms of cost which has led to many companies making sacrifices in other areas to make ends meet. However, we pride ourselves on being able to keep our prices low, allowing for optimum costing for our clients. When you purchase our ingredients, you’ll be ensured that you’ll not only receive high-end material but that you’ll also be able to stay well within your limits in terms of spending.

Creating the perfect product that consumers both love and trust can be what a company needs to make its mark in the self-cleaner market. However, living up to consumer expectations in terms of the ingredients you use while also being able to make ends meet can seem nearly impossible most of the time. By finding a world-class provider who can help provide you with the best ingredients without overcharging you to the extreme can make a world of difference in this regard. We have worked hard to make sure our ingredients help our clients create perfect products without having to cut back in other areas. Take a look at all the exceptional products we have to offer and contact us today so that we can figure out the best way to help you start today.

How is Lumorol K 5601 from Zschimmer and Schwarz, Germany the smartest choice?

  1. Lumorol K 5601 is a PEG free and Sulfate free blend that is extremely mild on Skin and Hair
  2. Lumorol K 5601 gives dense creamy foam and elegant foam feel.
  3. With Lumorol K 5601 , there is no need to adjust viscosity at ideal pH
  4. Lumorol K 5601 gives both Clear and Opaque formulations.
  5. With Lumorol K 5601 , no need of any co surfactants.
  6. Lumorol K 5601 makes cost effective, lower active formulations possible.
  7. Lumorol K 5601 is Multi-functional blend that can be used in : Body wash, Face wash, Shampoos, Baby wash, Scrubs, Face masks, Makeup removers, facial cleansers etc.

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